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Heritage Brands

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Heritage Brands

     With a history of dressing the Charleston workforce, to our modern day mission of dressing any and every man that walks through our doors, M. Dumas & Sons has a century of style and a heritage of service. Although we are always on the lookout for whats new and exciting in men's apparel, we can't ignore the significance of what we refer to as "Heritage Brands".

     A historical brand is a brand with a positioning and an added value based on its heritage, the result of the precise choice to use its history as a key component of the brand’s identity. Many brands have a history but only a few are historical brands that are able to exploit this distinctive factor as an asset in a global market where tradition and identity seem to be the only defense against a ruthless competition often played on lower prices. Brand heritage is a communication asset for the company, a cultural heritage treasure for the country and an emotional journey for the consumer. Because the story, told by the brands, is actually also our own.

Stay tuned as we feature some of the Heritage Brands we are so fortunate to partner with here at the #CornerofKingandSociety!

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