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Fulton & Roark Cologne LTD Reserve #7 Mahana

Fulton & Roark

LTD Reserve #7 Mahana


Mahana is inspired by the hike to Papakolea, a green sand beach near the Southern-most point of the Big Island of Hawaii. Our homage to Mahana is a celebration of fresh air, verdant hills, and driftwood. With notes of Pomelo, Coriander and fresh green leaves, Mahana is clean, light and remarkably approachable. Perhaps our freshest cologne to date, Mahana is perfect for Summer. The fragrance feels crisp and pure, like a cool breeze on even the warmest of days.

Mineral Oil USP

Ceresin Wax

Coconut Oil


Perfumers Alcohol

Cetyl Alcohol

Petrolatum USP