Renovations are almost complete at M. Dumas & Sons!

We are so excited to announce that our renovations at M. Dumas & Sons are almost complete!

One year ago, we set out to renovate our entire store. The project is now 95% complete and we would like to thank our loyal customers who navigated the store during the past several months. As our customers know, we decided to do the renovation while the store was open. This was no easy task considering we completely stripped all the floors and walls.

There are a few finishing touches yet to be completed along with a new entry door and canopies for the outside, but both showrooms are now open. Of course, in keeping with the M. Dumas philosophy, our display tables are ‘stacked high’ to make sure you can find exactly what you are looking for!

Our goal was to create an environment that would make it even easier and more comfortable for you to experience the uniqueness of M. Dumas and Sons. We also brought historical elements into the redesign such as exposed brick walls and wood floors.  After all, we have been in business for over 98 years.

Thanks to the efforts of the Dumas Team, the architects, merchandisers, and contractors the outcome is even better than we expected.

We cannot wait for you to see it and let us now what you think. Check out the 200+ year-old exposed brick we found when we stripped the plaster off the walls. Look closely and you’ll see the hidden fireplace chimney that was uncovered, as well as the “brick-notches” that were used to support the upper level floor in the early 19th century! (Actually, we think they were used for the floor joists,  but they could have been for old roof beams  – the engineers were not sure.)

The ‘reclaimed’ wood floors are really special and elicit warm feelings from a bygone era. These incredible floors seem to be garnering the most comments from customers.

Stop by soon and you can also see our new fall arrivals and get a sneak peek at the store design. Fall arrivals from Barbour, Robert Talbott, Southern Tide, Hiltl, Bonobos and many other great brands are arriving every day!



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