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Founded in 1933 in Lynchburg, Virginia, Moore & Giles began as a leather supplier to local shoe makers. Founder Donald Graeme Moore traveled the highways and backroads of the region, cobbling together a library of leather made rare by the times. What began as a regional hunt expanded into an 83-year quest to uncover the gems being produced by tanneries in all corners of the world. Today, Moore & Giles is guided by the same principles instituted nine decades ago: to design, discover, and deliver the best and most distinctive leather in the world. 

By marrying contemporary needs with traditional materials, Moore & Giles elevates our customer’s expectations for the items they use and carry every day. When material and function are given an equal emphasis in the design process, the end product is understated, timeless, and indispensable.   

Rooted in tradition and history. Functional and made to last. Elevated by the quality of leather.

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