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Ten years ago, Mizzen+Main CEO (Kevin Lavelle) was working in Washington, D.C. In the summer heat, he watched a staffer run into a very important meeting – soaked in sweat.  The staffer’s shirt was two different colors, sticking to him, and all-around terrible looking. It was unflattering.When his shirt was finally dry, it was wrinkled and disheveled.  The idea for a moisture wicking dress shirt was born. 

Mizzen+Main’s namesake is a reference to the main and foremasts of a sailing yacht, the brand is about the driving forward, in style, with respect for the elegance of tradition but with a sailor’s ability to adapt to the forces of nature. Mizzen+Main has broken the chains of men’s wardrobes by combining the comfort and flexibility of athletic gear, with the fit and style of traditional menswear.