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Hiltl has become the trouser of choice for the most discerning men. The “aha” moment happens when you put them on. Hiltl has been making nothing but trousers since 1955, resulting in consummate skill and uncompromising craftsmanship. Fritz Hiltl had only one principal – make the best trouser. Only the world’s best weavers are called upon to supply Hiltl with premium quality fabrics. All-day-long comfort is maximized by using cotton, wool and denim with natural and added stretch.

Hiltl combines leading edge technology with old world construction. Seams are narrowly stitched so as not to press through during ironing – a particular advantage with extremely fine fabrics. The Hiltl waistband features a special stretch interfacing and extraordinarily soft inner padding. Buttonholes and shank buttons are state of the art. Such production techniques mirror traditional tailoring practices.

Whether you wear cotton, wool, or denim you’re sure to come to know what Hiltl wearers have known for years – once you’ve owned a pair of Hiltl trousers you won’t want to wear anything else.