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We would like to think that FH Wadsworth started out like many other companies: as a hobby and passion of the founder. Years ago, FH started making belts for himself and his friends as gifts. There were no labels. There were no sizes. Just custom fitted Ribbon Belts in a dizzying range of colors and patterns. The company was organically born out of demand. People would see the belts, ask how they could get their hands (and waists) on one, and convince FH to create one of their very own. Not long after, FH found himself with a bona-fide business. Wadsworth’s were being demanded from all over the globe.

FH Wadsworth currently offers an amazing assortment of accessories, including ribbon belts, leather tab belts, bracelets, and pet accessories that are all made in the USA. Seamlessly blending traditional preppy with contemporary cool, FH Wadsworth is committed to providing superior quality, unique accessories, that allow you to stand out from the crowd.